Job Opportunity

Job Description

Title: Administration Officer

The MAPPAC Executive Officer is responsible to the Secretariat of MAPPAC.

Consultation with President or Secretary, MAPPAC as when required.

Academic Qualification : Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

Remunerations : Rm 3,000.00 - Rm 3,500.00 ( Depending on experience )

Requisites :

  • Candidate need to have a pleasant outlook
  • Self driven and the ability to work independently
  • Be willing to travel, both locally and out station

Key Functions :

  1. Track the Membership Registration and update the record.
  2. Communicate as required with the members and volunteers.
  3. Up-keep together with the Treasurer on the orderliness of the MAPPAC Account.
  4. Ensure compliance of the governance as stipulated in the Registration of Society.
  5. Participate in the Advocacy, Training, Fundraising activities and Data Collection.
  6. Coordinate with volunteers on all operational requirements.

Job Scope :

1. Maintenance of Membership Registration

1.1 Being the first point of contact for enquiries and Membership Registration process and information seeking on MAPPAC.

1.2 Process Online and Offline Membership Applications, renewal and subscription payments.

1.3 Convey reminders for Membership fees renewal.

1.4 Maintain Membership Service Directory.

2. Communication Requirements

2.1 Response through email, phone, video call, social media or any appropriate means.

2.2 Guideline - within the 24 hours time frame, except weekends and public holidays. Transferral MAPPAC office to mobile line when the Executive Officer is out of office.

2.3 Update activities information and newsletter to members.

3. Financial Accounts in conjunction with the Treasurer

3.1 Issue receipt to donors and well wishes.

3.2 Prepare payments and raise cheques for the Treasurer and approved signatories to sign.

3.3 Consolidate Monthly Reports for Treasurer’s attention.

3.4 Work in liaison with the Treasurer, Accountant and Auditors for the Annual Audit.

4. Good Governance

4.1 Organize meetings

- Committee and Annual General Meeting.

- Volunteers and Subcommittee Members.

4.2 Assist with the taking and preparation of Minutes with the Secretary.

4.3 Coordinate with the work implementations of different subcommittee.

4.4 Administration - Abide to Standard Operating Procedures, timely submission of documents

E.g. Annual Report, Audited Accounts, Receipt of donations.

5. Advocacy, Fundraising, Training /Education and Data collection of MAPPAC

5.1 Maintain MAPPAC facebook and website with regular update interface and layout.

5.2 Increasing the awareness of Paediatric Palliative Care and MAPPAC :

Organizing or helping out at Advocacy exhibition booth, workshops, conferences, fundraising events and data collection from Research projects.

6. Volunteers Coordinator of MAPPAC

6.1 Coordinate with MAPPAC nurses and Clinical Subcommittee on home and hospital visits by MAPPAC volunteers.

6.2 Monitor the smooth coordination of the Mentor-Mentee System of volunteers

6.3 Process and record claims submitted by volunteers.

7. Others

7.1 Any other duties as required by the MAPPAC Central Committee.

E.g. Coordination and registration of medical equipment loaning programme , Caregiver Training Programme.

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