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We would like to invite teachers and parents to encourage your children to do paintings or design cards to encourage children with life limiting diseases, their family and health staffs. With your encouraging words and beautiful artwork, they will not feel alone in the journey of care and fighting the disease.

MAPPAC will handle the delivery of artworks to the respective individual according to donor's requests.

All sales of cards and paintings will go through our MAPPAC website.

Upon submission of paintings or cards, your child will be automatically enrolled as a member of our Angel Club. Your child will be eligible to join our other activities including Family Day, Children’s Day, painting classes & etc.

All the donations will go towards setting up Malaysia’s first children hospice care centre.



Paediatric Palliative and Supportive Psychological Care Service

It has been acknowledged that “Effective palliative care requires a broad multidisciplinary approach that includes the family and makes use of available community resources”. Driven by this holistic approach, the Malaysian Association of Paediatric Palliative Care ( MAPPAC) will venture into providing Paediatric Palliative and Supportive Psychological Care to the children ( and parents) who are terminally ill or inflicted with life threatening or life limiting diseases. With this initiative, a hypnotherapist, a play therapist and two music therapists would serve the interest of the needy patients and parents for a start. We are envisaging the growth and demand for such services to enable MAPPAC to continue expanding and serving their needs. At MAPPAC, the children and parents matter!

For the logistic information to those who wishes to enroll for these services, the following documents are available to facilitate :

1. Standard Operating Practices - Referral to Psychological Therapist Services

2. Referral Form for Psychosocial Support

Non Invasive Ventilation Equipment

The Malaysian Association of Paediatric Palliative Care ( MAPPAC) has introduced a support service on the loaning of Non Invasive Ventilation equipment to those children (and parents) who are terminally ill or inflicted with life threatening or life limiting diseases and who are in urgent need of the equipment. With the implementation, families with acute financial constraints can now have an avenue to address their requirements. We wish to acknowledge that the move was made possible through the donations of the equipment from well-wishers who shared the spirit of contributing to the enhancement of community resources. MAPPAC would continue to serve the community with the pledged and renowned spirit that…

At MAPPAC the children and parents matter!

For those who are in a dire of need for the NIV equipment, the following documents have been designed to explain and compliment the loaning processes:

1. Standard Operating Practices - Non Invasive Ventilation Policy

2. Application Loan Form in English

3. Application Loan Form in Bahasa Malaysia

4. Socio-economic Declaration Form in English

5. Socio-economic Declaration Form in Bahasa Malaysia

Asian Pacific Children’s Palliative Care Virtual Learning & Fellowship Forum

Topic: Asia Pacific Children Palliative Care Virtual Learning & Fellowship Forum

Session 2 - ‘Mind Transition & Transformation’ for Parents who experience a Child Loss

Presenter: Mr Brandon Ho (Malaysia)
Moderator: Dr Tan Chai Eng (Malaysia)
Date: 23rd February 2021, Tuesday
Time: 1pm to 2pm (GMT +8)

The grieving parents of a sick child that dies experience a transition to life without their child. It involves a journey of transformation, finding new meanings and connections with their child. Grieving is a process. The journey of transformation needs to start and progress, and integrated into a new life, before complete transition is finally achieved. The ability to navigate this does not come naturally to everyone. Most parents in this situation would need some guidance along the way.

Speaker’s Bio:
Mr Brandon Ho is the founder of Ultimate Training Sdn Bhd and Ultimate Performers Sdn Bhd. He is also a practising member of the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM), the peak body for hypnotherapists and other mind science practitioners in Malaysia.

He conducts research and writes programmes specialising in personal development and language training using concepts of NLP and Hypnotherapy. These high impact programmes not only train and educate the participants but also inspire them to be the very best that they can be. The programmes have been attended by working adults and students of diverse backgrounds from more than 12 countries such as Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, etc.

Free webinar organised by Paediatric Palliative Care Special Interest Group

Hosted by Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network

The programme will be in the following format:
- Case presentation with Q&A
- Learning issue of the Day
- In-depth discussion and experience sharing
- Programme updates and social exchange

For more information, please read here. Register your interest here and join in this exciting series!

MAPPAC Angel Child / Angel Youth Card Project

The card making activity involves teachers and parents who are invited and to encourage their children to do paintings or card designing in support of the MAPPAC Angel Child and Youth Project. This we hope would serve as a source of encouragement not only to those children who are inflicted with life limiting diseases but also their family members and the health staffs who are always there for them. These beautifully worded and personalised artwork well wishing cards also convey a warm and caring message that they are not alone in the journey of care and fighting the disease.

For every card purchased, MAPPAC will handle the delivery of artworks (paintings or cards) to the respective children, family members or health staffs in accordance to the donor’s requests.

All donations will be channelled towards the setting up of Malaysia’s First Children Hospice Care Centre.

Kindly complete the order form at this link after you have selected the card(s) of your choice from the catalogue. A copy of the payment slip is to be emailed to the MAPPAC Secretariat at as proof of payment.

Please contact MAPPAC Secretariat at +6016-223 1357 should you have further queries.

Thank you.

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First Children Hospice in Malaysia

Children’s palliative care is about promoting the best possible quality of life and care for every child with life-limiting or life-threatening condition and their family. At MAPPAC, we aspire to build the first children hospice in Malaysia. For this, we need RM 4 million to realize the vision. We also require a further RM500,000.00 yearly to run the vital care services. We can only do so with the support of people like you. The money you donate will enable us to care for the children and to keep supporting the families and the community. Help us to cherish the good deeds.

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